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View below the current financial report prepared by Diedre-Ann Morris, VP Finance 2017/8.

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Changes to the Document.

Article IV, section 4 – inclusion of the words “which requires funding and support” 
All organized student activities which require funding and support from the Students’ Union must be registered with the Students’ Union Council if they are to receive the University’s approval.

Article V, section 4 – the definition of ‘Ex officio’ has been included
Robert’s Rule of Order definition An ex officio member is a member of a body who is part of it by virtue of holding another office.

Article V, section 5 – introduces the Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past President of the Students’ Union Council shall be an ex-officio member of the Students’ Union who will sit on the Students’ Union Council and may be required to attend General Council meeting on a routine basis.

Article VII, Section 2.1.f – changes Executive Secretary to Vice President, Administration

Article VII,  section 2.1.g – Introduces the position of librarian as an executive member of Council

Article VII, section 2.1.s. – Introduces JDSEEL Rep thereby separating it from SOBA Rep

Article XX – Now entitled the Code of Conduct


Duties of Council:

Vp, Admin section e and g –  works along with the librarian
e. TO WORK IN TANDEM WITH THE LIBRARIAN TO Maintain an effective information storage retrieval system
g. TO WORK IN TANDEM WITH THE LIBRARIAN TO Keep a log of all fixed assets of the Students’ Union

Section 23 – The roles of SOBA Rep
The School of Business Administration Representative, also called the SOBA Rep, shall work alongside the JDSEEL Representative to ensure all business faculty issues are addressed

Section 25- The roles of JDSEEL Rep
The Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship Ethics and Leadership Students’ Representative, also called the JDSEEL Rep, shall work alongside the SOBA Representative to ensure all business faculty issues are addressed

Section 29 – The roles of the Librarian
a) Be a member of the Union Executive, although being an appointed Officer, because of the nature of his/her responsibilities. The responsibilities involve records and information of the entire Students’
b) Oversee the process of nomination and select of Honorary Members of the Students Union
c) Partner with the UTech., Ja.  Calvin McCain Library in securing/updating/explaining academic resources/expectations for (of) students
d) Be responsible for the analysis of Council operations and guild materials for the purpose of inference by future councils
e) Be responsible for translation of analyses using an effective medium
f) Be responsible for the cataloguing of the analyses (tactic knowledge) in the CALVIN MCKAIN LIBRARY
g) Archive all Union related materials for the purpose of history and posterity, from the start of the Union to the current time.
h) Collect and catalogue all Union related materials on an ongoing basis for the Calvin McKain Library.
i) Maintain the Union files/documentation by making sure that all Union materials are kept in the best possible condition: TO  BE KEPT IN THE OFFICE OF THE PERMANENT SECRETARIES.
j) The collection of all resources relevant to the history of the Union.


Presidents’ Assistant 

· Develops and coordinates of a calendar of appointments, meetings, social engagements, and University and community functions with individuals and groups for the President

· Serves as a liaison between the President and University administrators, members of the public and private officials, various boards, faculty, staff, students, and the various publics served by the Union.

· Assists the President in oversight functions by reviewing, monitoring and reviewing correspondence and documents prepared by other offices for the president’s signature.

· Facilitates efficient and cost-effective official travel for the President by making travel arrangements and preparing associated approval forms and expense reports for travellers.

· Serves as event coordinator for various functions of the President’s Office

· Facilitates the success of events hosted by the President’s office by scheduling events with appropriate offices and agencies, advising/contacting participants or invited guests, preparing agendas and programs.

· Contributes to the overall success of the Union by performing other essential duties and responsibilities as assigned

University of Technology, Jamaica Students’ Union

To Serve & To Represent

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The Council.

The Students’ Union Council is divided into four (4) sectors or boards. Each board has a specific function in carrying out the overall mandate of the Union.

Clubs & Societies.

Whether you join as a member or choose to lead one, simply taking part in an extracurricular group will enhance your school experience. Gaining skills, making connections, and broadening your knowledge through a student organization will help you become a more well-rounded individual.