Board of Executives

Granville Knight

Kimone Roper - 1st VP

Kimone Roper
|1st Vice President Academic Affairs, Clubs & Societies

 - VP, Finance

Deidre-Ann Morris
|Vice President, Finance

Christine Davis - VP, PR

Christine Davis
|Vice President, Public Relations

Narado Hylton - VP Students Services

Narado Hylton
|Vice President, Students Services

Tia Ferguson - Exec. Secretary

Tia Ferguson
|Executive Secretary


Board of Directors

Annya Holloway - Sports (f)

Annya Holloway
|Director of Sports

Romario Hopwood - Sports (m)

Romario Hopwood
|Director of Sports

Ashleigh Robinson - Health & Safety (f)

Ashleigh Robinson
|Director of Health & Safety

Devaun Bailey - Health & Safety (m)

Devaun Bailey
|Director of Health & Safety

Jerome Clarke - Community Service

Jerome Clarke
|Director of Community Service

Monique Ferguson - Spiritual

Monique Ferguson
|Director of Spiritual Development

Joseph Blackett - Special Projects

Joseph Blackett
|Director of Special Projects

Tevaughn Small - Entertainment

Tevaughn Small
|Director of Entertainment and Culture

David Alexander Murphy - Editor

David Alexander Murphy


Board of Representatives

Kimberly Dawkins - COHS Rep

Kimberly Dawkins
|College of Health Sciences Students’ Representative

Angelica Dempster - SOBA/JDSEEL Rep

Angelica Dempster
|SOBA/JDSEEL Students’ Representative

Naydecia Grant - SHTM Rep

Naydecia Grant
|School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Students’ Representative

Quincy Lester - FELS Rep

Quincy Lester
|Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies Students’ Representative

Natasha Wright - SBLM Rep

Natasha Wright
|School of Building & Land Management Students’ Representative

Nicholas Gordon - CSA Rep

Nicholas Gordon
|Caribbean School of Architecture Students’ Representative

Andrew Johnson - SOE Rep

Andrew Johnson
|School of Engineering Students’ Representative

Demetrious Robe - SCIT Rep

Demetrious Robe
|School of Computing and Information Technology Students’ Representative

Danmar Clarke - FOL Rep

Danmar Clarke
|Faculty of Law Students’ Representative

O'Deany Morris - FOSS Rep

O’Deaney Morris
|Faculty of Science and Sport Students’ Representative

Tersha Boothe - Joint Colleges Rep

Tersha Boothe
|Joint Colleges Students’ Representative

La-Sonnya Lewis - West Rep

La-Sonnya Lewis
|Western Campus Students’ Representative

Hall Chair

Nicholas Rowe
|Resident Students’ Representative

International Rep

Afron Byam
|International Students’ Representative



Roshmaine Chambers - President's Advisor

Rhoshmaine Chambers
|President’s Advisor

Ricka-Ann Miles - Academic Advisor

Ricka-Ann Miles
|Academic Advisor

Rossano Gourzong - Special Advisor

Rossano Gourzong
|Special Advisor