Survival Theory: Surviving Test Week

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Week 7.

Most of you have already completed your first tests; most of you are still in the process. This is the time where all the stress starts bearing down and the reality of the situation actually kicks in. It’s beginning to feel like everything that can go wrong is already going wrong and no matter how hard you study, you’re just not ready for anything even remotely linked to a ‘Graded Assessment’.

Or not. (If not, please tell me your secrets.)

A gentle reminder that reading over your notes when you get home that day drastically reduces the amount of time you have to spend studying (stressing, crying, flipping tables, etc.) for a test. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes better.

And I go back to my first point. In all the chaos, find time to relax. Fun fact: the brain can only process new information for an hour. Hence, study breaks are a must. Study B-R-E-A-K-S. Not ‘Study Stop And Scroll Til 3 a.m.’ Take a 15-20 minute break to snack, scroll (with discipline) or whatever it is that relaxes you and then go back to studying for that test. It’s important as well to de-stress before you start working and de-stress after – like warming up and cooling down exercises for the brain.

Recently, I started doing the Inktober challenge. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a challenge where you draw something according to the given theme for the day and you post it online. I’ve found the exercise to be really enjoyable and relaxing. I try to finish my drawing and post before I start doing school work. It’s a way to ensure I’m incorporating the things that make me happy into my days so that I’m living my best life and doing what I have to do at the same time.

In life, it really all comes down to balance. We can live our dreams and be content with the life we’ve made for ourselves if we can be disciplined enough to find and maintain the balance. Drawing works for me. Find out what works for you. But remember, everything in moderation. Except chocolate and pizza.

You’re halfway there. Couple more weeks to go and it’s winter break. That should be enough motivation. But if it’s not: “Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible. And suddenly, you are doing the impossible.” – Anonymous.

And if that doesn’t work: “The more courses you pass, the less [courses] you have to do to graduate.” -Me.


Kriss-Ann Haughton

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