Survival Theory: Half-Way There

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You’ve survived a month in University!

By now, you’re drained, exhausted on all planes and most of you want to go home (sometimes even when you’re already there). But hey, you got this.

It’s Week 6. Most of you have your first tests soon. Relax. It’ll be okay. Secret tip to passing your courses: Ace the In-Course tests and assignments. Rack up as much of a percentage as you can before the Final Exam…please. If you haven’t already, get advice on any topic you’re not too clear on from either a lecturer or a friend. Remember, there are enough degrees to go around. Don’t you let your pride (or fear) keep you from getting the help you need.

Also, IDs. Most tests require that you have a valid photo ID. Swing by the security office (located next to the Administration – not Admissions – building) and get your photo taken. It’s a painless process. Sometimes.

By now, I hope you’ve come to realize that you legitimately reap what you sow. There’s a recommendation that for every hour of class, you spend two hours studying…yeah, I know. But as you’ll come to realize, sooner rather than later (again, please), you really need to put in those hours of reading/practicing/writing/animating etc. to be on top of your scholastic game. Oh and it’s not better to cheat OR repeat so just do it right the first time.

University is a big place. It can be confusing, miserable, enlightening, exciting and a roller coaster. Keep your head up, know what you’re about and why you came here in the first place. This is your life and whatever happens in it is your responsibility; it’s all you, love.

Remember I believe in you always, whoever you are. And if it ever gets frustrating, look to the stars. As cheesy as it sounds, I want you to see how small you are and how big the universe is. There are infinite possibilities and you are capable of amazing things.



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