3 Comments on “Proposed Amendments – Constitution 2017”

  1. The late fee of 10,000 is very much unfair and disturbing, no wonder why Utech has been branded ” thieves” by so many individuals. While some students may be able to pay their tuition in full,others like myself, are barely making it through university financially.

  2. Should allow persons to continue with a balance on their account without being deregistered and just withhold their grades or let them pay off by doing some work in the university to cut your staff cost and it’s a win win. But deregistering anyone is just really depressing and rough on a student and they’re family especially a final year student who’s on their last chapter.

  3. Good day! May I ask why is it that a student who wishes to run for President must have 1-year experience on the council prior to nomination?

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