Labour Day 2017. Community Service at the Forefront of the UTech, Ja. Students’ Union’s Calendar

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Council members at work

Students of the University of Technology, Jamaica were a part of the multitude of Jamaicans who customarily engaged in enhancement and cleaning up activities on Labour Day, marked annually on May 23rd.

The gates of the August Town Primary School, in the community of August Town, Saint Andrew, were opened up to the University of Technology, Jamaica Students’ Union Council, members of the Courtleigh Hotel and Suites, and members of the community, to facilitate beautification and enhancement works within the school.

This project pinpoints the beginning of a summer of service for the UTech Ja. Students’ Union, with the accession of the 2017/18 Students’ Union Council. The UTech Ja. Students’ Union has attained a track record for service to the wider community- advancing the annual Teach The Youth summer program and Tag Drive.

Mr. Jerome Clarke, the UTech Ja. Students’ Union Director of Community Service has expressed that service to the mentioned community has been stabilized over the years.

He states, “We have maintained a constant yearly presence in the community through the Teach the Youth Program. Many students of the university resides in the area and feel the need to give back their services to improve the community.”

The next community service activity on the calendar will be Teach the Youth, set for July.

Written by: Demetrious Robe, USU Editorial Committee

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