Do You Know Your Rights As a Student?

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You might have heard that you have rights, but do you know them?


The Constitution of the Students’ Union is the fundamental law which establishes the character of the Students’ Union. In this same constitution, one can find the article on the rights of the Students’ Union.

For clarification, the Students’ Union of the University of Technology, Jamaica is the combination of all registered students of the university. Many people confuse this with the Students’ Union Council, which is a body of elected and appointed officers, chosen to serve and to represent students and their interests. 

According to The Constitution, all members of the Students’ Union (all students) shall have the right to:

  1. Appeal to the Students’ Union Council regarding any decision taken by the University Administration against him/her
  2. Vote in the Students’ Union annual general election
  3. Receive information regarding all courses including marking, grading and evaluation
  4. Choose his/her course of study and to request review of examination results, subject to University Regulation 4
  5. Continue in his/her current course of study during or after pregnancy
  6. Defend his/her rights without being victimized
  7. Have academic work judged solely on its merits
  8. Have student records treated with confidentiality
  9. Participate in University activities
  10. Wear official University and Student’ Union colours

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