Why are we Protesting?


The second Supplementary Estimates have been recently approved by The House of Representatives. Due to a positive fiscal performance, the Government is capable of spending an additional $11.45 billion this financial year. Despite the positive performance and funds available, the University of Technology, Jamaica did not receive an increase in the subvention, while other institutions have received increases.

The subvention is a grant of money, by the Government to institutions to offset costs incurred and aid in development. UTech, Ja. has been blatantly ignored and disregarded despite previous promises of an increase. The per capita subvention of UTech, Ja. is lower than those of Teachers’ Colleges, Community Colleges and even most secondary schools. The unavailability of adequate funding at UTech, Ja. continues to result in a deteriorating working and learning environment and under remuneration of staff at the University. Students and staff do indeed deserve better and we need your support to fight for it.

Wear BLACK to school this Wednesday, February 20, 2019!

Throughout the day, we post on Social Media with the hashtags:

#UTechBlackout #UTechSubvention